Meet our mascot, Akazukin!

  • Overlord

    You probably already noticed our lovely mascot hovering at the bottom of our page. Her name is Akazukin and she's based off Little Red Riding Hood. We kinda went for that whole image because it sounded cool and cute and we like to think it's a bit different from other communities. I mean, what's up with elf girls being so common :question:

    Anyway :D I'm here to share Akazukin with you in bigger format. She was conceptualized and drawn by Alja Grofelnik, a hard working artist better known as Puffyko on the internet. Our site's team knew we wanted Red, but Alja came up with a cute design with a dash of sass.

    Here are some of the early samples!


    And here is the final design!


    In short, we couldn't be more happy with the final designs. I hear Aka-chan is getting some accessories soon, so look forward to that as well. ;) In case you want to follow the artist and comment on the design (tell her it's very cute!), you can reach her on Twitter and Deviant Art.

  • Great job you guys! I really like both, the concept and the design! :cherry_blossom:

  • Overlord

    @Sayurika Thank you so much, now all we need is for this community to start growing. :sweat_smile:

  • It really is one of the better mascosts, I like her a lot! Cute and sassy at the same time, can't beat that :+1:

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