Onegai series group watch!

  • I'm looking through old videos of Onegai Twins when suddenly I got a brilliant idea: members of could watch or re-watch the series together!

    The question is, how to organize ourselves so that we won't lose time or motivation for it?


    The plan

    I propose we organize it thusly. Each Onegai! series has around 12 episodes, the so called one-cour length. We can divide each series to three parts, each week watching 4 parts. We'll go through the franchise chronologically:

    1. Onegai! Teacher (2002)
    2. Onegai! Twins (2003)
    3. BONUS ROUND! Ano Natsu de Matteru (2012)

    AnoNatsu is the de facto spiritual successor of the Onegai! series and franchise. It's from the same main creators, it takes place in largely the same setting as the previous two series, previous characters make cameos, the themes are fairly similar. It's also not a bad anime!

    Watch schedule (updated weekly!)

    So we make a watching schedule and stick to it. Better yet, a discussion schedule. I'd say participants have one week to watch four episodes.

    1. Onegai Teacher 1-4 by next Saturday, 27 Feb 2016 @ 23:59 CET
    2. Onegai Teacher 5-8 by           Saturday, 05 Mar 2016 @ 23:59 CET
    3. Onegai Teacher 9-12 by        Saturday, 12 Mar 2016 @ 23:59 CET
    4. Onegai Twins 1-4 by                Saturday, 19 Mar 2016 @ 23:59 CET

    I encourage we discuss the episodes throughout Sunday and the following days.

    Possible changes to the format?

    How does this sound? Please comment below. :) After all, we have to accommodate as many people as possible. Bring your friends!

  • I'm all for it, it's been a while. I used to rewatch it yearly :) How are with sharing links to not-legal-at-all streaming sites or torrents?

  • Links are fine in Netherlands, so spam away. For searching older series, I recommend Google with included in the search query. :) All the series have been re-released in HD quality and even though the first two weren't produced in HD, the new releases still look damn good compared to DVD quality.

  • Goodily then! Here is a stream for the ultra lazy ones: Riddled with adds and it refuses to stream with add blockers... but still the laziest way to go about it.

  • Don't forget guys and gals, Onegai Teacher 1-4 discussion starts in 4 hours!

  • Onegai Teacher Discussion

    Let's make a bit of an intro...

    Kusanagi Kei is I guess you could say your typical teenager. What sets him apart from his peers is a medical condition which he calls a standstill. He experienced a really bad attack in middle school that put him in a comatose state for over three years. When he woke up he was 18 years old, with a body of a 15 year old. He moves to the countryside to live with his aunt and uncle Minoru. Minoru is a doctor by profession and in charge of monitoring Kei's health. Kei is a bit on the shy side, but overall he's a cool guy so he finds new friends fast. The peaceful scenery along with uneventful summer days all seem to be unchanging.

    That is until Kei one day spots a UFO. He goes to school the next day only to find that the lady he saw at the sighting has become his new Japanese teacher. Her name is Kazami Mizuho and they both seem to remember one another from last night. Chaos follows in quick succession. After being locked to a storage room by Mizuho's spaceship control system and subsequently getting caught by the school's principal, a possible breach of teacher-student ethics doesn't look good for the newly appointed teacher. Kei's uncle suggests they are a married couple and Kei backs it up saying he's 18 and he can marry. So he marries his teacher. :laughing:


    I first watched this show around 10 years ago if not more. In all honesty I was expecting a shitshow. Not just because I was expecting the rose-tinted glasses effect to wear off, but also because anime plots have evolved dramatically over this decade, generally I'd say for the better. Now, I can't emphasize enough how impressed I was with the first episode. Nice characters, funny, intricate plot, good background art. Budget animation quickly becomes an issue, but still I was expecting far worse.

    I recently read a review from somebody who also revisited the show after a long time. The one point he rattled on about was the lengths the plot goes to set up Kei with a high school teacher. I guess the point stands, I mean Mizuho did fall for him immediately, and she had to come from outer space, and she had to marry him. :laughing: Wish fulfillment is certainly there, but I think it complements Kei's psychological issues more than the other way around. The hot-high-school-teacher-who-is-also-a-virgin trope in this case isn't just boobs, first and foremost she's a driving factor for Kei to start thinking positively about his life.

    What I found most interesting in the last episode was Mizuho expressing doubt over the whole marriage situation. I certainly don't see that happen in wish fulfillment fantasies all too often. Also, it was refreshing to see high schoolers acting like high schoolers for once. Not that Kei's childish "I'm gonna do that because you did that" isn't facepalm-worthy, in all honesty I want to smack the kid, but at least he's not a pretentious little bitch for the widest possible self-insertion. The mental issues, the childish attitude ... Kei is more like Shinji from Evangelion, to some degree probably inspired by him. Some people get Shinji, others can't stand his whiny behavior. This show is meant for the former.

  • @cytherino said:

    When he woke up he was 18 years old, with a body of a 15 year old.

    Well, that's one way for author to cover their ass legally xD Well I did watch the 1st episode in this new rewatch, but then got distracted by other things... All I have to say this alien teacher sure has a very thigh space uniform :3

  • Overlord

    For some reason I'm enjoying it more than I did 10 years ago. I wonder what changed.

    Characters are likable and Kei's pathetic childish tantrum makes perfect sense when you consider his age. Heck I'd be upset too if my teacher/wife lectured me on my grades instead of having sex with me :3

    I've already rewatched up to ep 11 and there's really only one glaring plot hole standing out from otherwise a solid comedy.

  • Your weekly reminder: episode 5-8 discussion starts in 11 hours!

    To new members and lurkers, it's not too late to join the group watch. We'd love to have you. :)

  • Overlord

    Sooooo... the little sis says that the only time Mizuho cried was when her dad died. Mizuho eats Pocky because it's supposedly the only thing (or few of) she remembers about her father. For Maho to remember something like that she must have been at least 3-4 years old. Now can someone tell me, how come Mizuho doesn't remember anything about her father but the Pocky sweets? She's definitely more than a year older than Maho.

    I think this whole Maho thing is a forced filler.

  • Maho? More like mahou shoujo. :D

    Episode 5 and 8 had incredible drama. That hotel room scene with Kaede and Hyousuke, damn, that was hot. And the end cut of episode 8, I completely forgot how much implied sex this series had. Too triggery for today's standards, I'm afraid.

    Ichigo saying she decided to never fall in love got me thinking ... When are we getting an Ichigo anime? :p In all three shows she's like this magical negro type character. I think it's time she becomes a main heroine.

  • Your weekly reminder, Onegai Teacher 9-12 discussion starts tomorrow! You can skip out on the OVA, I don't think it's important. :sweat_smile:

    I've also updated the schedule to reflect that next week we start with Onegai Twins 1-4. If you fancy Twins more than Teacher, this is another great chance to join the group watch.

    Onegai Twins watching options

    • Magnet link: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:d075b18dfc946593e00f090353ed763d3ab2afa6&dn=Onegai%20Twins%20%5b960x720%20Hi10P%20BD%20FLAC%20AAC%5d%5bEightBit%5d& (remastered Blu-ray release rip)
    • Shopping link for home media collectors: RightStuf (DVD quality)
    • Online player: KissAnime (crap quality)

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