Attending Magical Mirai - VOCALOID Live Concert

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    Did you ever want to attend one of those awesome live concerts? Well I did. Once in Osaka in 2014 and twice in Budokan last year.



    Projection is pretty much what you see in those recordings on YouTube. The image is usually more crisp live as it's very hard for cameramen to focus perfectly on a projection on a transparent screen resulting in blurriness. There really isn't any magical retouching being done on the BD releases. Of course it depends a lot on your viewing angle but even from the side it's quite OK. I'll tell you how to ensure you get awesome seats below if you want to go.

    Sound on recordings is always the best it can be as microphones are set up in advance in the best acoustic spots. In Osaka I was 5 meters away from a closet-sized speaker which left a very lackluster impression compared to what was present on the BD release. But the venue in Osaka overall sucked a lot from the acoustic point of view. It was a huge rectangular hall without elevated seats or anything. Budokan though is totally on another level. The sound was bombastic all over the arena.

    To elaborate on venues a bit more, in Intex Osaka the lightning was sometimes too bright which made the projection appear transparent. Nothing like that in Budokan even though the light show was much more flashy. The technicians who set up the lightning in Budokan deserve a medal. It was sooo sexy.

    Something you don't get from recordings is the energy of the crowd. Even though you get an assigned seat nobody is ever seated during the show. When an energetic song comes up everybody jumps to the beat pulling you into an euphoria. You might have seen the recording of the final song from last year's concert - Hajimete no Oto. The song has a memorable melody and simple lyrics which were projected on the large screen above the stage. Everybody sang along. Us gaijins included (or at least those who could read kana and a few simple kanji).

    Even with the huge mass of people there is no pushing or disrespectful behavior. Nothing like the rowdy crowds at our concerts. Taking photos and recording is also prohibited. Not because the organizers were afraid of leaking footage but because it's a nuisance to the people staying behind the person recording who's waving his phone around and blocking vision.

    All these considered the concerts are awesome and if you can, by all means go see them.

    I wanna go!

    Long story short; you'll need around 1,500€ (at least) and a little bit of luck.

    1. Return flight if you book well in advance (half a year) can be as low as 500€ from Venice. The problem with booking that much in advance is that you won't know the concert's date or if you'll even get a ticket. You can assume the concert will be on the weekend around Aug 31st.
    2. Since Japan is on the other side of the planet you might as well plan a longer holiday around this date. Late Aug, early Sept is a great time to visit Japan. You might get to experience some leftover summer heat and humidity and if you're really unlucky a tropical typhoon or two. There's also Comiket from 12-14 Aug this year. What I like to do is go for a month and rent an apartment or guest house at Fujimihouse. Minimal rental term is 1 month but you get to stay in downtown Tokyo. You won't find anything cheaper there on Airbnb even for a shorter stay. There are some shady options but you'll get a bed with curtains around in a shared room. Not the best of places for a stay longer than a night. Rent for a month at Fujimihouse in a guest house is around 600€ for 1 or 800€ for 2 people.
    3. Food in Japan can be really cheap or really expensive. If you're fine with eating Japanese cuisine you can get by very cheap. Like 300€ a month. Maybe less.
    4. If you're going to stay in Toyko, you will spend 5-10€ a day on trains. If you plan on traveling around, be warned that a Shinkansen ride is extremely expensive. One way Tokyo-Osaka is like 100€. As a tourist you have the option of ordering a JR Pass which gives you unlimited rides on all Japan Rail trains for the duration. This includes a lot of Tokyo lines including Yamanote line and the Shinkansen. 21 day JR pass is currently 464€, 7 days is 227€.
    5. Magical Mirai concert ticket is 65€

    So if you plan on going for a month, you'd need at least 1600€ + spending money provided you take someone with you to share the guest house fee. If you go for 2 weeks, it will be cheaper. Anywhere in between 2 weeks and 1 month is not worth it, because housing will cost you too much. It's better to go for a month and rent at Fujimihouse.

    How to get a concert ticket?

    1. The concert date will probably be announced in March. March 9th is usually the date around which this (or something related) happens, because that's Miku Thanksgiving day. They will also announce the details of the ticket lottery.
    2. There are 2 ways for foreigners to obtain tickets:
    3. The first is to purchase an accommodation plan with concert ticket which is twice as expensive but includes a 2 night stay at a hotel.
    4. The other option is to enter the lottery. The best tickets are given out there. I've met people who bought the accommodation plan and ticket and had their seat a good 15 rows further behind. In my experience there's always a separate pool of tickets for foreigners and it's quite large. I've yet to fail getting a ticket. The lottery ticket is also cheaper but doesn't include any accommodation. There is always the possibility that you might not get the ticket if you enter the lottery! You have been warned.

    65€ is the SS (best) seat. S seats are 7€ and A seats are 14€ cheaper respectively. Seating arrangements will be known when the lottery opens usually at the start of April and lasts to the end of the month. Results will be known in early May.

    Will I get a seat close to the stage if I enter the lottery?

    Probably. In Osaka I was in 3rd row and in Budokan I was in 4th. Block A-8, seat 25 in this image to be exact. :) Was right in front of Meg.Me (keyboard) and the super awesome Teramae Masaru (guitarist). He's Tokunan from the famous Touhou circle Demetori.

    If you happen to fail the lottery you can still have fun at the event. There's always an accompanying exhibition to visit and a DJ stage. I got Hachioji-P to sign his latest album for me :P


    The parking lot outside Budokan was full of Vocaloid themed Itasha. Quite a sight indeed.

    Shoot if you have any questions. And yes, I'm going again this year.

  • Man... this is still to rich for me :S Awesome article, especially the logistics of it!

  • Overlord

    Magical Mirai 2016 announced!

    Date and venue info coming at a later date. Hopefully I can go again.

  • @Akazukin
    Hello, thank you so much for the post about attending Magical Mirai! I'm planning on attending this year with a friend too. So I was thinking about getting a ticket via accomodation plan, but can I get a ticket for my friend this way too? I read that only one ticket per acc. plan application is allowed. Does it actually mean that I'd have to pay for 2 separate rooms in the hotel just to get a 2nd ticket? Hope this message will reach you, and thank you in advance!

  • Overlord


    So I was thinking about getting a ticket via accomodation plan, but can I get a ticket for my friend this way too?

    Sorry, I don't know if you can get 2 tickets by applying for accommodation plan. I never took that option. You can definitely apply for 2 tickets if you enter the lottery though.

    I'm 99% certain you will get the tickets even if you enter the lottery. I didn't post here but I was at the last year's concert as well so that makes it 3 in a row for me. And since I will be in Japan again this summer, I will apply again. I think the tickets for foreigners are guaranteed, you just need to have credit on your card on the day of the lottery. If they aren't able to charge your card, you will fail the "lottery".

  • @Akazukin
    Sankyuu for your reply, that really puts me at ease ╰(▔∀▔)╯
    Good luck to you with the lottery too then, I feel like this year Mirai should be special~

  • @Tenshi-Hinanawi
    About the accommodation plan, YES, you can apply up to 3 applicants / people per 1 accomodation plan for this year's plan, usually only 2 applicants / people per 1 accomodation plan according to the previous events of Magical Mirai. I just bought the Accomodation Plan B for Magical Mirai 2017, with 2 applicants ( me and my mother ) in 1 accomodation plan.

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