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  • Overlord

    A new rule (#6) had been added to the short list of rules for our community.

    Linking to pirated content is allowed

    Unless the copyright law changes drastically we will fight any kind of takedown requests. The problem with copyright is that it makes it almost impossible for content to be available worldwide. Distributors would have to obtain licenses for all the numerous regions in the world to be able to provide content to all end-users equally. Just look at Crunchyroll. Or Netflix. From your country you see some content and when you connect through a VPN to another country you get different content. Unacceptable.

    Downloading torrents via Magnet links

    When you want to link to a torrent please use a Magnet link if possible. Most public torrent indexes have Magnets available. Linking directly to those sites is discouraged because they're full of ads and/or shady scripts which might exploit your software if you're not careful.

    A magnet looks like this: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:<hash>[&<params>]. You just copy it and in your torrent client open a torrent link and paste it in.

    Please always link to source or an official reseller

    We don't expect anyone to buy anything without first having the option to view it in full. I know I wouldn't. But for those that do like something, please make sure you include a link to official source where users are able to obtain legal copies or otherwise support the creator(s).

    If you post/upload illustrations or other content that you do not own, always link the source. We will warn you if you fail to do so. We might encourage file sharing but we want to also make sure everyone is aware of the source and available legal options.

    We are not a pirate content index!

    Do not create threads for the sole purpose of sharing a torrent. You may link to torrents in discussions threads if relevant but do not make new threads just to link pirated content. Such behavior is unacceptable.

    Open to feedback

    We might be wrong with the way we are handling this. You can share your views in this thread and we can have a debate.

    But you just want everything for free you leecher!
    No, I want everything, whenever, wherever and for a reasonable price. Like Crunchyroll in the US, but they don't have s*** for any other countries.

    So unless you get that you're still just a parasite.
    Granted, I don't own many series. But I've spent a lot on merchandise. And I'm traveling to Japan annually. Unless you bring up some ridiculous spending number of your own, you'll have a hard time winning this argument.

    I'm an illustrator and a user of yours is uploading my images without permission.
    We will look at the offending post and if no source is cited it will be removed and the poster penalized. If the post does have a source, we will give you the option to prepare replacement images with watermarks and/or lowered quality, but the post will stay. If you are unhappy with that, please don't publicize your works online in the future.

    I'm a lawyer acting on behalf of X and Y who hold the copyrights to Z being illegally linked to on your site. If you don't remove the offending link immediately you fill be fined $50,000 and your mother's house.
    Dear copyright troll, thank you for inquiry. We will not do anything. Have a nice day. Sincerely, Akazukin.moe

  • In general, I like the idea of linking back to source/reseller, but I think that places an unnecessary burden on posters. I'd say the same for linking back to artists. Really, these are nice gestures that should be encouraged, but I rather see our future members post than to get bogged down with these "bureaucratic" micro tasks.

    I do think the wording for the rule should encourage linking back, but I personally wouldn't want to demand that from anybody. We could perhaps think about implementing an automatic back-linking functionality in the future.

  • Overlord

    I disagree. Giving credit where credit is due is common sense. You have to cite sources on every paper in school. And I'm not proposing banning people for messing up. They'll be asked to update their posts. Or you can post replies with sources yourself.

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