League of Legends Championship Series

  • title says it all.
    do you watch LCS (regularly or semi regularly)? whats your favorite region? favorite teams and players?

  • Overlord

    Haven't missed a single EU/NA match last season. Now I figured I'm wasting too much time so I just watch the most hyped up matches.

    I don't think I have clear favorites. In international tournaments I'll always cheer for EU to win, TSM to lose, and when these aren't options anymore, for the underdog to make an upset. I expected a lot of Fnatic last season. I'm not going on the Immortals hype train this year because it will derail.

    Players I like: Forgiven (R.I.P :( ), Kasing, Febiven, Freeze, Adrian, Uzi, Clearlove

  • oh forgot to add my own thoughts

    i watch it only semi regularly, though i try to look up results each week. my favorite teams are the ones that cheeze and use unconventional picks. this used to be M5 and Fnatic but those days are over. last year UOL kinda played that kind of style so i started to like them before they changed their roster.
    in international tournaments i just hope for korea to lose. couldnt care less about if TSM wins or not, but their fans are very annoying.

  • I just like the drama surrounding LoL esports. When there's money flying left and right, young boys getting a shot of fame and fortune, and corrupt businessmen utilizing social media to manipulate their teenage audience to start witch hunts every other day ... It's an unending source of entertainment. :D

    Favorite banters: Richard Lewis and Thooorin
    Best cucks: Every LoL hire
    Next Hitler replacement: Riot.Lyte, or maybe Reddit mods


  • Overlord

    So this week is IEM Katowice. I didn't plan on watching but then I happened to stumble upon some gold. Some TSM gold! I couldn't be more happy right now after watching their game vs. Ever :D

  • i dont understand how fnatic can look pretty good vs quao gu, then looks like a bronze team with 0 coordination vs SKT.
    who chases after a velkoz into a long tight corner?!

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