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  • Let me preface this by saying that One Piece is one of my favorite, if not my favorite anime. I was talking to my girl about anime that have the same general feeling as Firefly (which is a great TV show that you should all watch, by the way). I wanted to say Cowboy Bebop, and while that's kind of true I don't particularly like the show. Someone might say Space Dandy. I said One Piece. Even though the themes don't match, Firefly's greatest strength were the characters. The whole space cowboys theme is a bit ridiculous and nobody cares about that. The characters are just great!

    The same can be said about One Piece, which is why I love it. That being said, the show is plagued with problems. Typical long-running shounen series problems, pacing problems, worldview consistency problems. Doesn't mean I don't love the show, but there you have it.

    This thread is for general discussion about strengths and weaknesses of anime shows that polarize your feelings about them the most.

    I know we have a couple of One Piece watchers on this forum, should we start with that? :)

  • I managed to watch about 8 episodes of One Piece. The whole thing just doesn't jive with me on a fundamental level... Can't put a finger on it other than immediately having a sinister feeling this is going to be a filler filled long journey with lots of side trips and no resolution or any kind of catharsis coming any time soon >_> Folks - y'all know who you are :p - were singing the show up to high heaven about how great and funny it is, but to me it's about the same level as Naruto: -100°C no spark in my soul.

    Cowboy Bebop on the other hand managed to keep me interested until the end. Even though it could do less with all that manly macho pathos, I'm a wounded ex gangster waiting my past to catch up. That sure was a big part of the show and what made it cool, but to me they might have gone a bit over the top with it.

    You want real love/hate anime show example? Evangelion. I had to watch that thing more than 3 times and I STILL don't get WTF happened there O_o I should watch the movies - but I'm done with it. For ever. Until death.

  • If One Piece was a filler-filled experience, I could understand that. But there hasn't been any real filler arc in, what, at least 100 episodes? Instead, what they do is they stretch out the story, usually by dragging out individual scenes. For example, a group of characters had to fight these unbreakable walking nut cracker soldiers - small fries by any measure - that just wouldn't go down. This went on for several episodes.

    I understand postponing critical junctures of a story is an inevitability for these types of shows, but in retrospect I'd rather watch your traditional filler arcs that simply delayed them, instead of having to suffer through badly paced arcs just to get the whole story.

  • Overlord

    And it's not even stretched because it's outpacing the manga or anything. The manga is pretty much the same. I love the story, it's damn amazing! But nope, I'm not touching it until it ends. Then I'll take a leave from work, hole up in a dungeon for as long as necessary and watch it all in one go.

    I think One Piece is pretty much the only title the fits love && hate rule. The rest is love >= X >= hate.

  • @Akazukin If I end up watching it I'm putting it in VLC at 2x speed at least.

  • @masariko That's what @Sayurika did. :)

  • If I needed to choose an anime that I hate, it would definitely be Glasslip. I would describe the story just like Gigguk did: "Literally nothing happens".
    It's a show about a group of teenagers and their relationships and bonds. But other than that I didn't see anyother plot point.
    After watching the first three episodes it showed potential, but after seeing how the show wanted to be deep and meaningful it never could fulfil that potential it showed. I give it that it was deep and had a lot of symbolism, but that was what made it bad.
    I don't really see the appeal of a show without any real plot. It's just plain boring.
    One thing that the show did good were the characters and the art. It had beautiful scenes and backgrounds and the characters looked really great too. Every character had enough time to develop, I won't say that the character development was either good or bad, it was mediocre at best. I liked that the show focused a lot on the characters and that we got to know them, not a lot of anime do that.
    Overall I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

  • hmmm, for me it would probably be Eureka 7. a show with amazing visuals, story, worldbuilding and a great ending

    but the characters... there isnt a single likable main character on the whole roster, the entirety of them are stupid and annoying.

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