Favorite manga or/and novel

  • Let's make a catalog of our favorite manga or/and novels. You can list only one of each so dig deep and think sharp!

    My favorite manga is without any doubt "Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou". I love the setting of post-apocalyptic Japan. Nothing is really said why it happened, but it did and the sea swallowed much of coastline. World slowed down, like really slowed down. There are androids. And one of them runs a coffee shop while her owner is somewhere away. Easily my favorite "female" character of all the anime and manga seen or read, Alpha is an interesting mix of naive and smart at the same time. This is apparently one of the more obscure manga out there, but it did get translated by a bunch of enthusiasts. There was even an effort to start an anime, it has two OVA episodes. Pity that never came through, perhaps the source is to quiet and mellow. Here's a Wikipedia page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yokohama_Kaidashi_Kikō

    I have not much to share when it comes to novels. I read some "SAO" and tipped my toe in to "Spice and Wolf". Holo/Horo what ya gonna call her all I know is she's Holo the Wise Wolf - this character will eventually make me read the whole damn thing :)

  • I read a ton of manga, but the genre is probably not exactly appropriate for discussion. :sweat_smile:

    I do read an occasional visual novel. Are we discussing those as well?

    As for Spice & Wolf, I need to order the books! Love Hasekura Isuna's financial stories.

  • I was deeply disturbed by one of your manga suggestions so yeah, let's skip that shall we :D List a visual novel then!

  • Since we're mentioning Spice & Wolf, Hasekura dabbled in writing visual novels as well. Namely, he wrote a VN series called World End Economica. I'm still waiting for the final part of the story, which is about financial markets on the moon. So a bit of science fiction with a coming-of-age theme, a love story, and a ton of real-life anecdotes on stock and virtual market trading. If anyone's interested in financial thrillers, I highly recommend reading the first two parts that are already out. Part 3 should be out sometime this year.

    Is it my favorite visual novel? I'd say so. Mostly because stock trading and data mining and algorithms fascinate me. In terms of visual novel standards, such as CG quality and voices, it's a bit subpar (it's voiceless). The really quality visual novels also have porn. We're not discussing those, right? :sweat_drops:

    As for quality manga, I'm still following Historie, but I'm a few chapters behind. Historie is Iwaaki Hitoshi's manga following the footsteps of a clever Scythian named Eumenes who becomes a high ranking official in service to the throne of ancient Macedonia. Politics and war. It functions almost like a shounen manga with a boy genius who is much, much more clever and better than his peers. Always saves the situation at hand, or his skin. Also highly recommended, but chapters come out monthly, at best.

    The other one is Baby Steps manga, which I started following after the anime ended. It's about a high schooler Maruo Eiichirou, or A-chan, as everyone in school calls him, because he's an honor student getting A's constantly. But he's not any smarter than kids next to him, his strength is his ability to focus and put real work into any task at hand to achieve results. But this is a tennis manga, so you'll have to imagine how hard work and focus translate to playing tennis well.
    It's honestly one of the better shounen sports stories out there. Ei-chan improves his tennis not through innate super abilities or blood, sweat and guts, as is usually the case, but through calculated training sessions, intended to improve areas where he can gain the most as a tennis player at any given moment. He's basically min-maxing tennis level-upping, so much so he can compete on a national amateur level with only two years of experience later on.
    Chapter translations are still lagging behind. Having translated a few, I'd say it's quite easy to follow without much knowledge of Japanese.

  • I read quite some novels and manga and there are a lot of good ones out there.
    My favourite novels would be Kagerou Daze, SAO and the Haruhi Suzumiya series (only read the first three though). I'm a sucker for SAO, I know it's not that good but it is fun to read.
    Haruhi Suzumiya is a highschool novel with a lot of supernatural beings, comedy and one of the most relateable characters ever. It's a really fun read. Then there is my favourite of the three, Kagerou Daze, it's about a group of teenagees and the events of a certain day in august. It has great character development and an interesting story, if you dig the mystery and supernatural setting you should like this book.

  • Overlord

    @cytherino breaking the rules and listing more than 1 :-1:

    My favorite is probably SAO Progressive light novel series. If you don't know, Progressive follows the Aincrad timeline from the beginning. The currently translated 3 volumes cover the events up to the 5th floor. While the first SAO books had a novel idea, the story was quickly wrapped up as the book was meant as a one shot for a competition. Then the subsequent books filled in the blanks. With 17 books of main SAO story the author - Kawahara Reki - then took the accumulated experience and poured it marvelously into the Progressive series. So we get the best possible result - Aincrad story as it was meant to be and written by a very experienced author.

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