• Overlord

    We'll try to keep rules short, so here's a basic overview of what we expect from our members.

    1. Use common sense and be respectful of others. We want every community member to have a great time here. Sometimes discussions get heated, we understand that. It's fine to be passionate about things, but beware of the @bigbadwolf if things get out of hand.

    2. Discussions are in English. We also offer Fandom Exchanges for fans who wish to express themselves in other languages. So far, Slovene and Japanese are supported. If you wish to have more languages supported, volunteer as moderators for the language forum of your choice and we'll set you up.

    3. No spoilers. Many anime shows are adaptations of different source material that people can get acquainted with before they air. Be courteous enough not to spoil plot points, character traits or other information regarding possible future events to others. Use spoiler tags (three semicolons) if you need to.

    4. Warn before linking NSFW content and tag topics accordingly. If you're about to share something explicit, be it sexually explicit, graphical or disgusting, make sure others know what they're going to see, OK? Tag topics with the NSFW tag, put up warnings next to NSFW links, embed NSFW images in spoiler tags.

    5. Report harassment and spamming. If another user is giving you a hard time, in topics or in private, contact a moderator and we'll try to work something out. Same goes if you see an account posting ads or malicious links, it'll save us some time.

    6. Linking to pirated content is allowed but make sure to cite the source / link to reseller etc. Please post magnet links if possible because file sharing sites are ad dumpsters nobody wants to look at. Reasoning is simple; the undisputed truth is that pirates spend the most money because the notion of equal exchange is in human nature. Discuss this rule here.

    As an aside, you shouldn't worry too much about the rules posted here. They are merely guidelines, subject to change and interpretation to best serve the community as a whole. We hope you read these rules once and forget about them.

    Your team.

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