Another League thread! What have you been playing lately?

  • After seeing there are a few of us League players, I simply had to ask this obvious question!

    What is your favorite lane? (Mine are Top or Mid, but i really started enjoying support)
    What are your favorite champions? (LeBlanc for Mid, Fiora for top and Alistar/Thresh for Support)
    What do you struggle the most against (I despise Diana, Yasuo and Nautilus, they are the bane of my existence)
    From to top of your head, what is the best thing you did in a game recently. (For me was a 2/0/26 game where i carried the bot lane hard)


  • Overlord

    I play ADC/Supp, fill jungle on SR, but nowadays I'm mostly doing ARAMs because playing SR solo just sucks.

    My champion pool ... all the hawt adc/supp/jungle chicks ... no males :) If I'm forced top, I go feed with my Championship Riven.

  • SR is pretty stale nowadays, yes. But it's fun if you play with people you know :D Though i have been playing almost exclusively 3v3 lately. It's just a lot more fun to me.

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