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    Hello there and welcome to our community.

    We started Akazukin because of necessity. Social networks can't facilitate the discussions we have envisioned and long existing places like /r/anime, 4chan, Animesuki and whatnot present a giant entry barrier for newcomers. With years of experiencing communities grow, thrive, fight and disappear but passion for otaku culture still burning strong we believe we have what it takes to get it right.

    The Team

    We are here to make sure you have a pleasant stay. Don't hesitate and contact us if you need any kind of assistance.


    Founders have the highest authority and will ultimately decide on matters warranting bans or any kind of enforcement to keep morals and discussion standards high.

    @Akazukin - Community leader, system operator and developer.
    If you have a problem with our mods, you got harassed, encountered hate speech, racism or anything else morally wrong, report to me. Please also report software bugs and potential exploits if you encounter them. I'm the only manager of address.

    @BigBadWolf - Community leader, morals chief, tech support


    Moderators' job is to make sure the rules are being followed. They will make sure topics are properly categorized, archive old stuff, stop off-topic discussions, watch out for and report any kind of harassment, hate speech or racism to Founders.

    Honorable Mentions

    These people contributed to our community and deserve to be named.

    Puffyko - Akazukin mascot artist. Thanks for the beautiful design!

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