Introduce yourselves!

  • I'll start :expressionless:

    I'm cyth, I like anime, e-sports and forum discussions. I was previously very active on AnimeSuki, then I pissed off a mod and now I'm here. :sweat_drops:

    My favorite anime ... this is a tough one, but there's been a constant throughout the years which I still find entertaining, and that would be One Piece. :neckbeard: Best characters? Obviously Luffy, Zoro, but I also really like Emporio Ivankov, Buggy the Clown and Bon-chan, so all the batshit crazy characters. Fun fact about Ivankov: his original Japanese voice actor was arrested because he posted indecent pics of his tattoos online.

    As far as e-sports is concerned, I follow Starcraft II, otherwise known as dedgaem. I sometimes watch CS:GO and LoL, banter over eSports in general, and I'm also eagerly anticipating Blizzard's Overwatch.

    As far as music is concerned, I guess that's pretty personal, but my favorite genre is Japanese hardcore, gabber and anime mashups.

    I play lots of DDR. If you're from Slovenia, you probably can't beat me in a tournament setting. :grin: Hoping there's a DDR tournament next Makkon!

    I hope this community gets started, we have big plans for it. Cheers!

  • Overlord


    I used to like One Piece but my fondness for it evaporated with these endless arcs after the Great Battle at Marine HQ. There are better things out there to waste your time on.

    Watching anime has been my hobby since I first saw Sailor Moon back in 1996. I was hooked and wanted more but there was only so much you could get by back then on satellite TV. Since I got broadband though, I've added quite the collection to my watched list.


    Other than that I'm a web developer. I do HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, I'm a Linux geek, I love open source and no, I will not fix your computer.

    @cytherino thinks he can beat me in DDR, lol :laughing:

  • Howdy,

    Sometimes on the internets I go by Sei-tan (shorter for Seishiro); it's a fun word play as you can read my nick name as Satan.

    I feel drawn to unconventional anime, the likes of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and such, if it's GAR all the better but I do like me also philosophical themes and anime that display the human condition.

    The only games you'll see me constantly playing is Marvel Heroes 2016 - yes, I like reading American comics and manga alike.

  • Hello there. My anime interests are science fiction, mostly cyberpunk - and good ole ecchi comedy. And yuri, you cannot ever have to much yuri :3 I used to keep track of how much anime I already watched but I got lazy...

    Not much of a gamer, I tried but failed. The only things that managed to keep my interest for a while were Raiderz MMORPG, Robocraft and a cute little golf game Pangya! These days I'm more likely to be found trying to beat old Game Boy games on my phone emulator.

    I have really weird music preferences O_o I enjoy electronic music, mostly trance, progressive trance, deep tech house and minimal - but also punk rock, hardcore and screamo. Also metal and metalcore. And then there is Vocaloid, my favorites are Hatsune Miku and Gumi songs. Absolute favorites are Mitchie M: Burenai ai de:

    And HachiOji: Carry Me Off

    My main hobby is photography. If there is any time left after all the anime and sci-fi stuff...

  • Hola everyone!

    They call me "Dex". I also go around by "dexx", because more x-es you have in your name, the cooler you are. Pleased to meet you all.

    If you're looking for a non-average casual, I might be your pick; barely following about half of anything you could call somewhat geeky or nerdy, but not really being into it. I know a little Anime stuff, I know a little Hollywood stuff, some European alternative films, some legacy films; games here and there, high tech stuff a bit, too; and cars...

    Compared to your average otaku, I have quite a lot of social life as well. Or, I used to - until about a month ago - when I began working on my graduation project (again!). It started by locking myself in the remote mountains far from civilisation, where my parents happen to live.

    I'd normally introduce myself as an animator, or 3D CG artist, and bits of everything that's related to the field. In other words, I'm a fan of technology, art, design, and film... And animation is the mixture of all of these things! As a result, if you were to look for my posts, it's most likely you'll find them in the Crafts (& Cosplay) section.

    Listing my favourites? FMA:B, Ergo Proxy, Ghost in the Shell... all of which I've seen two years (or more) ago. Gotta admit, that I didn't take my time to watch more of Eastern picture since then... I quite successfully stopped playing LoL a year and a half ago, with occasional visits to say hi to my friends. I still consider it one of the best games out there; and the art is a noticable inspiration for me.

  • Greetings and salutations!

    Let me first start by complimenting the website, because it looks... Wonderful. Im a sucker for minimalistic and functional design. You guys really take the cookie! (yes, it's not how you use this phrase but anways, cookies are nice).

    Anyways, Hi... again? Im Procrastination. But, since it's a very long and unnecessarily complicated word to use as a nickname, just call me Ian.

    I really like to watch anime and read manga. I dont have any specific ones i would call my absolute favorite since my taste changes depending on how im feeling at the time. But one of the anime's that i really like/liked is Xxxholic, the Monogatari series, One Punch Man, and many many more. Ill likely add a page from MyAnimeList or something in the future whenever i decide to update it.

    I also like to play video games, though since i dont really have a lot of time nowadays i usually just play a few rounds of League (Lol) and then watch some youtube video's and call it a day. And yes, im a wood 5 league scrub, teeheee.

    For any further questions, feel free too ask. Peace!

  • Heya everyone!

    I usually don't like forums and posting on it. But this one is something else. I love the style and everything about it. It's really nice.
    Where should I start with my introduction?
    I'm PikachuHoarder, which is a silly name I got from a friend because of the number of pikachu plushies I have, lel.
    I like everything from Anime to light novels. If I would have to decide on my favourite anime I would say they are Shinsekai yori, Mushishi, Problem children are coming from another world aren't they?, Durarara and anything from Ghibli. One of my favourite manga are Your lie in april, Tokyo Ghoul (including :re) and Horimiya. For light novels I would say Kagerou Daze, SAO and Haruhi Suzumiya, they are all fun reads.
    I'm quite a big gamer too, I play everything from competitive games to RPGs, my favourite is, as my name inclines, Pokemon and also any game from ATLUS.
    Otherwise I'm a big computer freak, I like to program and work with computer hardware, though I'm still learning everything. Also I really like video editing.

    I hope we'll all get along!

  • Overlord

    Welcome :)

    Our goal right now is to slowly grow the community. More content will increase that pace so all contributions are much appreciated. Hopefully we can build a civilized place for everybody to enjoy discussing their favorite pastimes.

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