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    This brought me into anime after a short 6-7 months hiatus. There simply were no shows that sparked my interest so I dipped my toes into Flash, Arrow, Jessica Jones and so on.

    But now I get to have a rather straightforward cyberpunk show to watch. It wasn't the setting or the story that got me, it's the characters. We have a lone wolf tech avoiding ex-special forces guy team up with an android girl with real personality AI. Both have a mysterious past and their job is to collect prototype energy devices that equally have a secret - a dark one. And these two are certainly intimately connected with these devices.

    This is one of those shows with a rather tolerable animation, even very good for my taste - but they go overboard with the intro and outro. They had to do some kind of live model rotoscoping to get the movements that correctly.

  • Overlord

    I have it down in the watchable mediocre category. While I liked the first episode a lot it later kind of loses steam. Granted, most shows do after the first ep but the good ones do it at the expense of character development. Here we get nothing of the sort. We don't learn anything new about Mira, Kyoma's past or the world power structure. Instead of answers we're introduced to a new mistery on top of everything else - the Numbers.

    That said, it's not all grim. This show is by no means crap especially if you're starved for some sci-fi. Now lets hope for a fossil fuel powered mech to kick New Tesla's power plants of the face of the Earth :p

  • @Akazukin Yeah they could do a bit more work on the backstory by now. Instead we went ghost hunting in the current episode :-/ If it indeed turns into monster/mistery of the week type of a show I ama gonna call it quits just like with the new X-Files.

  • @Akazukin said:

    That said, it's not all grim. This show is by no means crap especially if you're starved for some sci-fi.

    I think that's the crux of it. I've skimmed over the first few chapters of the manga, which I didn't find particularly interesting. While I thought the overall mashup was palatable, none of the sci-fi elements introduced any groundbreaking ideas, just a rehash of well-known ones from other sci-fi literature. Sure, remix culture apologists might defend on this point, but unless you're really starving for some sci-fi, the sci-fi part won't be a selling point.

    The reason I'm not watching the show is because of Funimation being on the production committee and the implications that come with that. Nobody cared for the manga before the anime's announcement and the only reason it's been pushed for it to be adapted is because the show has a very familiar mix of elements: sci-fi themed, protagonist with spiky-hair that does martial arts, a mysterious girl with anime tattoos that needs protection, world conflict. The story feels nostalgic because it plays very heavily toward a certain anime stereotype.

    It incorporates all four of WHAT IS ANIME bullet points: action, sci-fi, comedy, martial arts.

    The following (generally positive) ANN review eloquently said the same thing:

    This thing feels, instantly – like in the first few moments – familiar. Aesthetically it is a pastiche of just about every Bandai show to have hit it big with Western audiences, a kaleidoscope of visual memories from Adult Swim broadcasts a decade ago. Like a particularly bold remix, careful to obfuscate its most direct influences so as not to feel like simply a lift, this show pulls from Cowboy Bebop, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Outlaw Star – you'll even catch little details and shot composition that reminds you of Samurai Champloo. Inky blacks and neon, noirish angles, crisp character designs with long expressive faces, a world bustling with sci-fi concepts that all feel strangely familiar.

    Funimation thought this type of anime is what the contemporary fandom wants to watch the most and scrambled to get it funded, to reap the rewards of a potential sleeper hit. In reality, I don't think it hits anywhere close to what today's anime fans want from anime. A crowd of old-timers like ourselves might enjoy it for the THIS IS ANIME nostalgia value, depraved sci-fi addicts included, but I think the show will largely go ignored, for good reason.

  • @cytherino What a sourpuss... :P

    I don't think it's a bad thing for a show to try to feel familiar and play on the viewer's nostalgia. I couldn't care less what today's anime fans want - I watch what I find interesting for whatever reason that may be, but it sure isn't popularity.

    The only problem I would have is, if the anime industry pushed for shows like this one on a large scale. What seems popular now (at least to me) are somehow people that end up in computer games.

    Back to the anime, to me it has that Darker than Black feeling and I don't count that as a bad thing. I liked that anime, too.

  • The W dimension is starting to really creep me out. Seams like the deeper you probe the weirder the stuff gets with all the possibilities that did not occur in the actual world. Since it appears to be infinite who knows what kind of possibilities folded into the deepest parts? Numbers are starting to feel very sinister and those who made them and then lost them are complete idiots.

    Kyoma is starting to make sense now. A rather simple story really. What happened on that island though? This is not really the kind of show to blow minds and I doubt they will manage to pull a proper mindfuck in the end. And is his girlfriend actually dead? I kinda doubt that...

    Mira still has nothing to offer except even more mystery. My theory is she is the stabilizer and controller for Numbers. No idea for what purpose.

  • Overlord

    It incorporates all four of WHAT IS ANIME bullet points: action, sci-fi, comedy, martial arts.

    Where's the comedy?

  • @Akazukin I'm not sure anymore, would need to check back for the parts I thought were funny. It's not a comedy obviously.

  • Finished this now. I had fun with this show and it had interesting characters. I'll have to rewatch the final island arch to get the full understanding because it was a bit rushed in the final episode. But the opening song is now permanently in my library and Mabuchis dance is awesome! Apparently the manga is continuing so there is hope for more, if not another season - I have no idea how well it did money wise.

    I had doubts in the middle of it all, were they lost, was the story watering down, ghosts and all? But in the end it made sense. The "bad guy" though, the final battle, that didn't fit very well. I was like, who is this guy and why should I care about this whiny bitch? I feel they needed to build that guy much more for him to be worth giving a shit. Like it was done for Loser and Salva. I mean, who gives a shit about Schmeyer other than him being the cunt controlling a rather large amount of W energy? And a transporter that got him trapped in dimension W?

    But who am I kidding? Ya all know Mira is the reason I got hooked, right? Cute girl-bot with green hair, what's not to like? Bring more of Mira I say! :3

  • Overlord

    Dunno man, even if I didn't watch it I wouldn't have missed much. Kyoma's reasoning and acceptance of his past is just retarded. He holds the solution to everything in his hands, then sees an illusion of his girlfriend who he imagines says everything is fine and thanks for all the fish and decides to flush it all down the toilet countless lives included. And he even feels good about himself in the end. And the geek villain, come on.

  • @Akazukin That final orb/coil, genesis, that thing looked like it had the power to fix everything for Kyoma. Endless possibility means he could time travel? He could go back and create an alternate universe. The second season would have enough material just from that shitstorm - anything to do with dimension W seems to bring one about.

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